“BE THE CHANGE, you want to see in your community”

Our goal is to generate a movement of people committed to being involved in taking direct action themselves. To take the challenge of “being the change, in your community”. Everybody across the country, and around the world is waiting for change to happen.  For someone or something to be the catalyst and bring good to the planet and their lives. Many people are distressed with where their community, government, jobs, and world are at. This program is designed to provide the stepping stone to take personal action and take “the big give challenge”.

The pathway to change that we have laid out is very simple. We envision people  Donating Only “An Hour” worth of Pay or “An Hour” worth of Labor Per Week. Directly back to THE COMMUNITY by themselves or through local small nonprofits, or through this program and its parent organization GTKYF Foundation Inc. We will contribute to the efforts of our participants to help build strong local communities. Thereby helping individuals to “be the change, they want to see in their communities”.

The change has to come from “willing hearts and hands”. Directly from the Heart of Each Individual and The Community. In order to create a long-term lasting local effect.  It can not be and should not be forced, so if you cannot Donate “An Hour” of labor or monetarily for some reason, you can sign up for “Our Newsletter” to learn about us and stay updated on the progress in our efforts to facilitate individuals “being the change”.

One cool thing about this challenge is that you directly visit this link and exchange your services for what other people need! This is how the community grows, taking one step at a time. Neighbors Helping Neighbors.


In society today people are forgetting what it means to be a community. They are growing distant, disconnected, and selfish. Even if someone wants to help, they hesitate or just don’t know how to do it.

This is why we started this program and the challenge to help wake people up from their naps and get them to realize how important is to care about each other and get involved.


Words from Ethan the Farmer, founder of GTKYF Foundation Inc:
“It is my and my community’s ever-growing desire to change the course of this world by awakening the people to care and help each other. As I watched the ice bucket challenge last year, I tried to understand why people did it and how it truly affected the greater society as a whole. I started this campaign to get the people involved in helping each other and commit to Being The Change They Want To See In The World and this is my first step towards it.”