As the idea is to get more and more people to realize the benefits of giving back to the community. Instead of just helping themselves and living for money, as so many in this day and age do. Regardless of their age, group, or gender, we are trying hard to connect to every person. Giving them the tools to commit to “the big give challenge” and  “being the change” so that together we are able to change the course of our world.

The challenge in front of us(you & me both) would be to engage people and get them to not only commit to  Donate “An Hour”, but to fulfill the challenge as well. We also need each of you to challenge everyone you know and spread the challenge.  Not every person will follow through on their acceptance of the challenge.  But, together each one of us can “be the change” improving the communities we live in.

So, go to everyone you know – whether around your neighborhood, your office, your friends, or your family. Challenge them to join you in “being the change”. Explain to them how we together can make a huge difference and progress towards a better future. Let this vision become your vision and share it among as many people as you can.