This challenge is focused on helping the people who need help, in your own backyard and surrounding community. Our parent organization’s executives don’t take a high paycheck instead all our executives are either volunteers or take pay below the median wage.
Our way of working is different,  as we don’t make profits for ourselves, and are only here to give back to the people who are served by our programs in line with our mission statement and effect the change in our society, that we desire to see.

We care more about the results on how many people are  “being the change” helping build strong communities. We want to see the change that we are trying to create and therefore the better of this society.

If you cannot find a local group, single-parent family, homeless person, or a nonprofit that is truly a nonprofit. You can contact us via email here, (we will try and find you a local connection) or you can support the ongoing nationwide, and in fact international efforts of our parent organization here. We will do our best to find use the funds as local to you as possible. As we are committed to strengthening communities.

We can also help you do a weekly, monthly, or annual donation equal to your corresponding pay. Ask us about this here.